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ATLANTA: 1800 Howell Mill Rd • Suite 800 • Atlanta, GA 30318 • 404-350-9853
FAYETTEVILLE: 1267 Highway 54 West • Suite 4200 • Fayetteville, GA 30214 • 678-829-1060
NEWNAN: 775 Poplar Rd. • Suite 310 • Newnan, GA 30265 • 770-251-2590
HENRY: 1240 Eagles Landing Parkway • Suite 260 • Stockbridge, GA 30281 • 678-854-9500
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Meet Trevor M. Feinstein, MD

Dr. Trevor Feinstein treats patients with all cancer types given his extensive experience in oncology and hematology. He joined Piedmont Cancer Institute in 2011. Before joining PCI, he cared for cancer patients in private practice in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Dr. Feinstein is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the Thomas O'Toole Award for his outstanding work with the underserved populations; a Sanofi-Aventis Grant; and the Amgen Fellowship Award.

Dr. Feinstein has authored numerous publications and abstracts in Hematology and Oncology. He is actively involved in clinical research trials. He has facilitated several multidisciplinary tumor boards and led the Resident Hematology and Oncology Report at a local teaching hospital.

Dr. Feinstein is married and has two boys. He enjoys exercise, traveling with his family, and watching professional football, especially the Chicago Bears.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Board of Internal Medicine, Diplomate
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology, Member
  • Florida Medical Association, Member
  • American Medical Association, Member

Testimonials from Dr. Feinstein's Patients


Dr Feinstein has been my hematologist for 8 years and he is a wonderful physician - friendly, calm, professional, and patiently answers questions.I trust him and recommend him 100%.


I'm very bless to have Dr. Feinstein as my oncologist he has been so caring and compassionate throughout my whole journey. I recommend anyone looking for a great oncologist to choose Dr. Feinstein.


Excellent care every time


I can sense Dr's sincere interest in my welfare and continued good health.


Yes, I recommend anyone looking for a great doctor/oncologist go here.


Very kind, knowledgeable. Explains things in easily understood terminology


Always kind and thorough and explains everything well. Great doctor!


Doctor Feinstein and his staff was very nice and professional, I would recommend to others.


Dr. Feinstein thoroughly explained my diagnosis and the procedure for treatment.


He is a great doctor he has helped save my life and continue on


We are so grateful for this man!!! Heaven sent!! Gods vessel!


Dr. Feinstin has been a God sent angel for me. When I was at my worst he never gave up. At one time my wife had to push me in a wheelchair and now am able to walk and the quality of life has improved by 100%.


Nobody wants to rate their experience with cancer, but Dr Feinstein is a great ambassador for Oncologists and Hematologists around the world. He is relentless pursuer of information concerning his patients. I get the impression he stays up late at night on behalf of all of his patients! I have been his patient for over 9 years; 4.5 in complete remission. He was a big part of our success, and continues to be very involved in our visits.


I am so happy for Dr. Feinstein and his staff at Piedmont Cancer Institute to be working with me and my team of doctors to establish the most sophisticated differential diagnosis possible, taking a large volume of personal and family health history into consideration so that we may achieve the most intelligent and scientific answers and best outcome possible!! My case is complicated because it occurs in the context of multiple chronic illnesses that aren't entirely understood by medical academia, science, or practice, but Dr. Feinstein is aware of the most recent information that can help us decipher the context of my results and decide the safest interpretation of my test results in light of those circumstances. Dr. Feinstein and staff are kind, welcoming, compassionate, professional, highly intelligent, prompt, organized, prepared, thoughtful, considerate, and all-around the highest quality caliber medical personnel you could hope to need if you need the perspective of hematology-oncology! The entire office ran fluidly even though it is a very large office, smiling faces greeted and guided me each and everywhere I went, and I feel very positive about working with this incredible team. I plan to update in the future as I've only had my initial visit as of yet, but obviously first impressions are excellent!!


Very Professional & Caring Team! Gracias!

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Office Locations

Trevor M. Feinstein, MD sees patients at the following PCI offices.



1267 Highway 54 West, Suite 4200, Fayetteville, GA 30214


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Five Atlanta Area Locations

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    1800 Howell Mill Rd.
    Suite 800
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    • 404-350-9853
    • 404-350-8407
  • Image of Fayetteville office building location


    1267 Highway 54 West
    Suite 4200
    Fayetteville, GA 30214
    • 678-829-1060
    • 678-829-1099
  • Image of Newnan office building location


    775 Poplar Road
    Suite 310
    Newnan, GA 30265
    • 770-251-2590
    • 770-251-1490
  • Image of Stockbridge office building location


    1240 Eagles Landing Pkwy
    Suite 260
    Stockbridge, GA 30281
    • 678-854-9500
    • 678-854-9502
  • Image of Sandy Springs office building location

    Sandy Springs

    755 Mount Vernon Hwy.
    Atlanta, GA 30328

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