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Second Opinions

Second Opinions with Piedmont Cancer Institute Physicians

The Piedmont Cancer Institute Second Opinion Program provides access to expert medical oncologists that can inform your most important cancer treatment decisions. If you have received a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment and want another opinion, our world class physicians can help you to make more informed decisions regarding your personalized treatment plan.

Start the process today. Our team of expert medical oncologists will review your medical records, imaging, and test results to determine your personalized treatment recommendations.

Getting a Second Opinion

After you talk to a doctor about the diagnosis and treatment plan for your cancer, you may want to get another doctor's opinion before you begin treatment. This is known as getting a second opinion. You can do this by asking another specialist to review all the materials related to your case. The doctor who gives the second opinion may agree with the treatment plan proposed by your first doctor, or they may suggest changes or another approach. Either way, getting a second opinion may:

  • Give you more information
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Give you a greater sense of control
  • Help you feel more confident, knowing you have explored all your options

Getting a second opinion is very common. Yet some patients worry that their doctor will be offended if they ask for a second opinion. Usually the opposite is true. Most doctors welcome a second opinion. And many health insurance companies pay for a second opinion or even require them, particularly if a doctor recommends surgery.

When talking with your doctor about getting a second opinion, it may be helpful to express that you're satisfied with your care but want to be certain you're as informed as possible about your treatment options. It's best to involve your doctor in the process of getting a second opinion, because he or she will need to make your medical records (such as your test results and x-rays) available to the doctor giving the second opinion. You may wish to bring a family member along for support when asking for a second opinion.

How Does It Work?

  1. We start with you. PCI oncologists review the whole person, which starts with a detailed medical records review.
  2. Our medical records team will assist you with collecting your medical records (if your records are in the U.S.).

    Medical Records Department

  3. An expert medical oncologist from Piedmont Cancer Institute will review your medical information.
  4. We will set up an in-person medical conference with you and a family member to discuss the written Piedmont Cancer Institute Second Opinion for you to share with your care team.

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