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Triple Negative Breast Cancer Has Options

"Triple negative breast cancer has always been with us but we didn't call it as such until a few years ago. The term refers to tumors which do not express any of the 3 major receptors we check for: estrogen, progesterone and her-2-neu", says Dr Ballard. He goes on "This is perhaps the most aggressive type of breast cancer and afflicts young women and African Americans disproportionately".

Standard chemotherapy is offered to the women with metastatic triple negative breast cancer but the results are mixed. A couple of years ago a new type of therapy called PARP inhibitors was shown to have promising activity for this aggressive type of cancer. Recent trials were conducted with a PARP inhibitor called Iniparib combined with chemotherapy. The study participants who were previously treated with one or two prior therapies have shown improvement in the length of time their cancer was controlled as well as living longer in some cases.

( http://www.biparsciences.com/000019.html )

"We have been very proud to be able to offer cutting edge clinical trials to our patients" continues Dr Ballard who has been PHOCs lead investigator for Iniparib. "PHOC participated in the large Phase III registration trial with Iniparib. Iniparib is currently being evaluated by the FDA.

PCI continues to participate in an expanded access clinical trial of Iniparib to qualifying women with metastatic triple negative breast cancer". For more information, please call our research department at 678-298-3235.

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