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PCI leads effort with numerous prostate cancer trials

Great advances have been made in the treatment of prostate cancer in the last few years. Surgery has continued to evolve and become even less invasive. Over 50% of radical prostatectomies performed in the US last year were done with the assistance of the daVinci robot allowing men to go home in just 1-2 days after surgery. Radiation therapy has also continued to improve with new ways to increase the dose delivered to the prostate without extra side effects. This is in large part thanks to better techniques in guiding the energy to the tumor. This higher dose has translated in higher cancer control rates.

Despite these advances in the management of early prostate cancer, not all men will be cured. Many will need further treatment for relapsed or metastatic prostate cancer. For years we have had two major modalities to offer to patients with more advanced prostate cancer: hormone therapy and chemotherapy. Both help control prostate cancer quite well but have significant side effects. This is the reason why we and others have participated in research trying to find new and better therapies that would offer better control of cancer without sacrificing too much in terms of quality of life. An example of such an approach is Sipuleucel- T (PROVENGE), the first FDA approved immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer.

A lot of excitement has been generated in the past couple of years about the prospect of new hormonal or other non-chemotherapy agents that can control worsening prostate cancer even at its most aggressive stages. Such drugs as of now are still experimental and available only by participation in clinical trials. PCI has been on the forefront of such efforts and we have worked hard to make the most promising new agents available to our patients. We currently offer a menu of clinical trials in prostate cancer that covers almost all stages of the disease and addresses the most pressing scientific questions. For more on prostate cancer research trials at PCI, contact our research team at 678-298-3238.

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